Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hand Feeding AGAIN

Mother German Roller hen fed the August 16th hatching chick the first few days but greatly decreased her feeding after that. So here we go again, hand feeding and it is nearly September.

This morning I noticed a long flight feather so it looks like she is finally calling it quits for this year. Unfortunately, when my husband tries to feed the chick, it tries to hide and he gets rather frustrated and worried that if he doesn't eat for him, he will not survive. In spite of its hiding and not eating well when I am working second shift, the parents are feeding some and it is growing just fine.

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jim said...

hi, linda.i am jim, i met you at the bremerton wa show,told you about the corn bread mix? i breed german rollers in my living room, this year i was unemployed when breeding season hit, i got my best healthiest birds ever!!!i take one or two of my birds to the vet every year for a complete check up, 198.00$ each! then i know what is going on with my birds, this year i followed my vets advice, he has been telling me for years that the seed and sprout diets are not sufficent! even with vitamins! so this year i hand fed every baby that was hatched, and i followed my vets advice, i weaned every bird onto quiko egg food, and ZUPREM,this is what zoo's have been using since the 60s, WOW the most beautiful birds we have ever had, my little males are singing there hearts out! right through the molt, the birds on our regular diet are silent, and still. the vet also told me about daylight bulbs, we got them at lowes, we lit our whole house up with them, it is awesome, no more dime lit cages or rooms,i will never fed seed to my birds again!vets and zoos cant be wrong! or they have no birds,i will see you at our sing off this january, we only have two birds that do not sing! yes the hens sing!!