Friday, March 11, 2016

Canary Cooking? Brussel Sprouts and Sweet Potato Salad

My Borders especially have fallen in love with my new brussel sprouts and sweet potato salad!

Big Bird's Brussel Sprout and Sweet Potato Salad Recipe

9 fresh brussel sprouts

1 small raw sweet potato (I like the dark red skin but white inside one but have also used the Jewel which is orange inside.)

1 small raw carrot

24 shelled raw pistachio nuts

Quarter the peeled sweet potato and carrot and place in a food processor with the other ingredients and process fine.

This recipe was put together from ideas shared with me by Joseph (most of the ingredients) in Texas and Shawn (feeding raw sweet potato) from South Africa. Outside of raw carrots I had never fed the other ingredients but they took right to it. Even the Irish Fancy is feeding it to her banded chicks. 


Anonymous said...

Hey Linda, sounds like a yummy recipe.

i usually boil my carrots and sweet potato before offering them, is it better to offer raw?

i can't believe im trying to get my males to gain weight now, they went from serious obesity to anorexic in one month as they are getting in breeding condition. i order avigain, but till its delivered, doing quinoa, couscous and olive oil, broccoli with carrots
perle morbide once-twice a week
hemp seed free choice in their cages even millet but they r not touching it. they want to sing and sing.


Evon in WI said...

That does sound good. I have fed the sweet potatoes and carrots to my parrots and red ground canaries. The feathering of the red ground birds benefit from the extra carotene. You are feeding the mix to borders and yellow ground canaries. Are you concerned the high carotene mix will made the yellow ground birds appear to be colorfeed?

Linda Hogan said...

I am not worried that my yellow ground birds are going to look colorfed rather the color will be more intense.

To gain weight feed soft white bread either processed it or mine like it 1/4 slice through the cage wire. Also uncooked oatmeal and sunflower pieces. Drop protein and raise carbs to fatten.