Monday, August 24, 2015

Maisie Hand Fed Baby Border

Outside of Baby or Cry Baby and Maxie, Mario, and Richie, I rarely ever name a bird. With several hundred it would be nearly impossible but when a baby Border was born so late on July 17th and because we had to take over feeding it every two hours, I named it Maisie, hoping it is a girl!

Maisie has very promising confirmation especially "her" head.

Papa swings most of the time he isn't eating. Maisie also loves to swing, starting swinging the day after she left the nest when she was only 19 days old! She often lands on the swing while Papa is swinging, hoping this will move him out!

Finally she is starting to eat a little on her own. She loves peas,  dry CeDe handrearing food, sprouted seed and dry perle morbide! (The perle morbide  sold in the US is smaller size than the European one.)

We still hand feed her if she cry baby begs when she sees us and we offer anyway about every four hours and bedtime.

See Maisie's baby pictures on July 29th post.

Tip: The confirmation qualities of Maisie are usually seen much later when the diet is nearly perfect.  I attribute this to the CeDe Handrearing food and it is really developing fast now that Maisie is eating dry perle morbide! I am now mixing dry perle morbide with dry Roudybush maintenance pellets and the birds are selectively picking out the green perle morbide to eat first and the feather texture is noticeably tighter.  Try feeding dry perle morbide.

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