Monday, April 13, 2015

When Are We Going to Set the Left Side Hen, She has already laid her last bluer egg? Trio Breeding

 Clearly, the bluish egg signals that the left side hen has finished laying her clutch. But the right side hen is still laying. Usually, we set when the bluish egg is laid so Sandy wants to know if we set her or wait?

I like to give laying hens Avi-Tech calicum in the water while the hens are laying. I also like both hens to hatch the same day, so both have chicks to feed on the same day. So that means we will hold the left side hens a day or two to wait for the other hen. I will rotate the eggs making sure the small end is up to ensure the egg membrane where the chick pips stays moist.


riyaad said...

Hi Linda,
I read about rotating of eggs to keep it moist. Can you describe graphically how this is done.Is it small side to long side or just a half a turn or 360 degree turn?
Cape Town
South Africa

Linda Hogan said...

The membrane that the chicks must pick through to hatch is on the large end which is also the end that has the air space. Rotation of the saved eggs helps keep it moist and avoid it being too tough for the chick to pick through to get to the air layer and start the hatching process.

riyaad said...

Hi Linda,

Thankyoy for the reponse but it still does not answer my question.Are the egg rotated lenght wise be it small end to the big end or the other way around. Or just rotated around on its side.