Friday, March 13, 2015

Breaking News: Superior Handrearing/Weaning Food Now Available at Bird Supply Of New Hampshire!

Just learned from Allen Fox that a limited quantity of CeDe Handrearing Food is in at Bird Supply of New Hampshire!

This is the very best for hand feeding canaries and the very first food weaning chicks will eat on their own! No more crying chicks and weaning problems, just offer it dry in a separate dish and the chicks are attracted to its light color and immediately start feeding themselves nutritious food! 

I also make it available dry to feeding parents. Google CeDe Handrearing inside this blog for more information on use.

It is difficult to estimate usage in US for stocking so please please contact Allen today,

I greatly appreciate Bird Supply of New Hampshire making this product available in the US! A box on hand for weaning chicks is a must!

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Brian R said...

Thanks for the useful information, Linda. Some good bird product from overseas are difficult to find or are unavailable in the U.S.