Thursday, September 19, 2013

Breaking News Boost 250 Available on eBay

It's Fall again and when I looked at my supply of Boost 250, which I use a lot this time of year, I was down to just one unopened bottle which I ordered from the UK in 2012. Surprisingly it was still not expired but I like to have more of this amazing product on hand.

So after searching the web for a US source and not finding one, I wrote Dog Health to try and locate a US sources for Boost 250.

Today, I got this e-mail from Glyn Davies of Dog Health: 
"Hi, I have set up a 'buy it now' for Boost 250 on eBay item 251210600028.
You can now purchase it on there for overseas delivery with a shipping cost of £5


EBay is an easy way to order a bottle or two, great for US, Europe, Canada and Australia but if you want larger quantities contact glyn at 

This is a fantastic product for show birds as it tightens their feathers and also for song canaries as it hastens song development without bringing harshness!!!

I have two articles about Boost 250 on this blog which you can easily find using the blog search above. The articles are: Jan. 20, 2012 "Performance Enhancers" and Jan 30, 2012 "From My Mail Bag Laurie UK". 


Anonymous said...

Hallo Linda
At what strength do you use Boost.Last week I was in Phil Warne's birdroom he had boost in the water and it was very pale.He REALLY SWEARS by this product.He had some very good Birds that were just finishing the moult but the majority were still moulting heavily

Anonymous said...

Is for dogs, please explain ?

Anonymous said...

The boost 250 is recommended for birds and poultry as well as other farm animals.

Linda Hogan said...

The strength to use varies with how much vitamins you have been giving your birds. Myself, I use quite a bit and I start out with 1/2 the recommended dose on the bottle. I did this yesterday and noted today a few birds that were still showing some looseness, looked better just overnight! I will continue you at this dose. Had they not looked better, I would have moved it up to 3/4 recommended dose and if that didn't do it, I would use the recommended dose. In the unlikely event that you see males flapping, stop all vitamins for a week and then start again with 1/2 dose.