Sunday, June 16, 2013

Delicious Green Softfood For Yellow Ground Canaries

Last year, I discovered that broccoli leaves were an excellent coloring agent for yellow ground birds. Click on the photo and notice the processed broccoli leaves have a luscious dark green color!

I feed this along with other egg containing nestling food starting with newly banded newborns (about five days old) through the show season and until I run out which last year was December. (I do not feed any green the first five days because they grow much better when the diet initially is high protein but at banding the chicks are ready to be fed greens.)

Farmers and neighbors were also glad to share broccoli leaves with me and when there was a surplus, I processed them and froze them.

Delicious Green Softfood For Yellow Ground Birds

4 cups Biodecken Novafood nestling food (Ricardo Sanchez) 
4 cups Proteen nestling food (Higgins)
1 Tablespoon Spirulina (Avi-Tech)
1 Tablespoon Pro-Biotic (Avi-Tech)
1 Tablespoon vitamins (Provital Canary Vitamin-Provital Animal Health and Nutrition or A A Miracle-ABBA Products)
Processed Broccoli Leaves or if not available broccoli heads
! package thawed Frozen Peas or Corn (place in hot water to thaw) and drain

Mix ingredients together. The only liquid is from the broccoli leaves and drained peas so it is fairly dry.

 The birds think it is especially delicious! Pictures below are of a couple of young Borders relishing every bite!


Unknown said...

Hi there, a quick question, one of our eggs did not crack fully, I am afraid for our baby bird, is there anything I can do, or maybe for next time to prevent it from happening.

Anonymous said...

Hello Linda,
I have a question for my canary room, do you have any suggestions which air filter is good? I am looking for a affordable and reliable air purifier. A certain brand of air purifier? Thank you so much.

presouz said...

This happen to me too... Finding a perfect bath tub for them is critical ... Let them bath daily...( no drafts) Eggs need to be kept kinda humidified .. Run a cool Water humidifier few hours a day... Is what did thankfully. We found finally found a semi clear white sandwich container kids use in lunch bags and I filed down any sharp edge with my rough nail file. My canaries did NOT like any colored or mirrored bird baths. This one was perfect... My canaries love to have a bath every single day now that I found the perfect low sided, wide receptacle Only put in enough water to cover the bottom They don't like it too deep.

presouz said...

Linda this food looks perfect. I have petamine is that ok rouse in the green soft food? Thanks

Linda Hogan said...

Petamine would work well too!

Linda Hogan said...

I like my aviary exhaust fan but also have a unit by Electormaid (think they may be out of business) that collect the white-gray feather dust on washable plates. Have also got a King Aire portable unit with changeable filters.