Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Admiring Some 2013 Chicks

So many beautiful new chicks thought I would share a few photos with you. Click on each photo and enjoy a peak at this years crop!

Weaning age Border Chick
Sibling of Above Border Chick

 Cinnamon Variegated Young Border

Another Cinnamon Variegated Younger Border

 Columbus chicks just banded.

 German Roller chicks leaving the nest.

Wow! What a Stafford Youngster!

Just banded Stafford chicks.


Anonymous said...

Great looking chicks.

my canaries are not interested this year in nesting.
I have given them normal conditioning diet, calcium, vitamins with E, proper lighting etc. No interest or they quit. Very few chicks. It is a puzzle. Any ideas ?

It is tempting to put them in the flight and quit for the year.

Linda Hogan said...

My birds have done exceptionally well with almost no issues. Normally when things go wrong, I get a post out of it but when everything is clicking well, I have nothing to write about...

I did have a couple of 3 or 4 year old hens who did not come in but were bred last year and I have one new border that I purchased that is still unsexed! I keep it on breeding stimulation but nothing...

My birds are quitting now probably as I started them earlier this year than normal. First it looked like Spring was very early and then it all went back and forth to winter with late record breaking snow May 5th!