Monday, March 4, 2013

Stafford Chicks Hatching In Too Wide Nest

Somehow the hen has nestled around until when her chicks starting hatching they are in a very wide hole. Without protection, they are high risk for getting smashed by an overprotective mom.

I like to add extra plastic eggs as they hatch for protection and it offer support for the chicks to lean on when they raise their heads to beg.

Note the dark blue egg on the left. Sure to hatch but look a half of shell has attached to it. Luckily it was the bottom end opposite the air sack end and I quickly removed the extra shell cap. The chick in the foreground looks like it will be crested.


Coop said...

Do you have any comments on why my canary's are sneezing? When they sneeze there may be a little bit of spray, but nothing serious. Should I be concerned and what should be done?

Linda Hogan said...

Disinfectants used to clean enclosures and food dishes, aerosols products such as perfumes and cleaning agents, cigarette/cigar smoke and various fumes can cause irritation of the respiratory tract and sneezing. First eliminate any such things. Failure to do so sets up good conditions for infection.

I would make sure none of the above apply, and also treat with Dr. Rob Marshall's KD powder. Often this takes care of simple infections.

Coop said...

I don't believe that any of the contaminants listed above are present, however do have a humidifier set up approximately 4 ft. from their cage. I wondered if it could be causing a draft so have moved it to the other side of the room and will note if there are any improvements. I am not familiar with Dr. Rob Marshall's KD powder but will look around at some pet shops?


Linda Hogan said...

Dr. Rob Marshall is an avian vet in Australia. You will have to buy it on-line. check

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