Thursday, September 27, 2012

Looking Over The Birds - Part 3 Too Thin

At first it may appear that this frighten German Roller has just messed his feathers up but a closer look in the second photo shows that it is too thin, so thin that the ridge is really a very sharp breast bone!

Too thin birds will not sing in competition nor show them self well at other competitions. It is a waste to take them and with additional weight loss they will likely get ill.

Several things can be done to put weight on a bird. It lots more perches and easy access to food. More oiley seeds such as sunflower chips and more carbs like pieces of bread. I also noticed that birds who ate the most Meatbird formula developed more breasts!

Look at the chest on this well-endowed German Roller Young Cock. Can't wait to hear him sing!! Hope he doesn't mind me calling him Dolly!! (He really loved the Meatbird crumbles!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda
Can you offer any advice on dealing with black spot (circo virus) in borders ? i had a few cases this year so suspect some of the adults maybe carriers and need advice on how to move forward

Anonymous said...

does the crumble need to be put in food processor?
Luis Rodriguez
ROyse City Texas

Linda Hogan said...

Nutrena Meatbird Crumbles does not need to be put in the food processor. Serve it just as it comes from the bag. Canaries will nibble on it and waste some when it is down to a powder texture.