Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Looking Over The Birds Part 2 - This Bird Is Too Fat

Love the color on this Columbus Fancy cock! But while polka dots are in fashion this Fall, the Dolly Parton chest look on this breed is definitely out!

Looks like I need to make him fly more (remove all but a perch leaving one on each end of the cage) and move all food to the floor and as far away as possible.

Time for a diet too. Not wanting to soil and stain the feathers around the beak by feeding fresh greens, I changed his seed to half and half L'Avian Plus, which has mostly canary seeds and untreated grass seed.

The only place I know to order these edible untreated organic grass seeds is Wings Connie Gahman. Google her name for web site and phone number.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see your back..do you think birds are like people some fat ,some thin...


Linda Hogan said...

Yes, And like people it is what and how much they eat and whether they are ill or not!