Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wearin' Of The Green

Beautiful Green Borders Males

Pair of Green Borders laid their first egg today!

Some eggs collected this morning.

This is a special day in the Hogan household. First thing this morning my husband Pat hung the Irish Flag on our front porch.

Here he pets one of our Malinois, Tosca while he waits to see if a Leprechaun will bring him a surprise.

Sure enough, the phone rang with a report that a Leprechaun was seen in the area! And what a surprise he found on our porch!!

Bella, our other Belgian Malinois, is wondering what the excitement is all about.

Tonight we will celebrate by attending the Wichita Shockers versus Nevada NIT Basketball tournament game. Go Shocks!!


Jason said...

Hi Linda, do you breed your malinois dogs as well?

Just curious.

I'm very interested in that breed of dog.

Anonymous said...

Belgian Malinois, Hmmm? Maybe you are raising the wrong song canary? Belgian Malinois/Waterslagers may be in your future. :)

Anonymous said...

Wish it were St Patricks everday, then we'd see more of those lovely Borders!


Linda Hogan said...

I have had three different malinois over the past fourteen years! I do not breed them but love the breed and belong to the national club,attended some of the clubs national specialty shows, and participate in the clubs Malinois Rescue.

Tosca is our first malinois and was purchased from Sue Haase who was President of the national club at the time. My daughter Kellie and I flew to Lake Tahoe and picked him up when he was a puppy. We had him in a carrier on the plane, but the passengers where not happy as he barked most of the way. I assured the flight attendant that he would be quiet if I took him out, but no way she said. Instead I spent a lot of time in the small plane restroom petting him and with my hand in the carrier.

For about his first ten or eleven years, I had high school cross country runners run with him on a three mile course, three times a week. They said it was like having a coach Dostert on a leash!

Now he is older, we take him for walks. Even now he has no joint problems and the vet said he might go sixteen years....

My favorite story Tosca story is how he plays bait and switch with us. We normally eat two sit down meals as a family every day. On occasion when it does not work out, one of us will fix our plate, leave food on the counter for the rest of the family and go to the table to eat alone. When Tosca sees this, he makes a run for the counter and we run to rescue the food and you guess it, Tosca makes the fast break and gets to the table and eats our food!!!

Bella is a rescue dog. We think she was three or four when we got her four years ago. She is very affectionate and came well trained and loves to play with her squeaky toys, bee in the picture, and go for walks. She did not like being ran by the high school boys as she was afraid she was being separated from us. The breed is very bounded to their family!!

Our other Malinois was also a rescue dog and was named Boutrous. He was definitely alpha in our home and even controlled how much time my attorney daughter could be on the computer which on most days was only a few minutes. Unfortunately, he got a malignant brain tumor and passed.

Anonymous said...

Linda, Your wearing of the green posting, was just wonderful. From the green border, to the flag, your dogs, or the beer. That's the beauty of your blog, one never knows what to expect. Your knowledge, imagination, and humor, are to be envied.When perusing your blog, i am either smiling, learning or being entertained.