Monday, March 22, 2010

Following The Hen's Lead

Trio of German Rollers assembled on Saturday. Attractive Male with a grizzled neck mark pictured in the center. Nests with a wad of nesting material were placed on opposite ends of the cage as usual.

This young hen is a favorite as I especially like her distinctive eyebrow and dark wing feather.

Oops!! Sunday morning I found an egg lying on top of an unmade nest! With only 24 hours with the male and not making a nest, I was surprised the hen even laid the egg in the nest!!

Of course, when things go wrong, it seems the favorites are likely involved... And sure enough the hen who laid the egg was the favorite one... So what should you do now???

My usual response is to let the hen cycle as normally as she will. If she will sit on infertile eggs, let her and besides she might be needed as a foster.

In this particular case, she has no interest in nest building or sitting and she did not lay another egg on Monday as you would expected if she were in full breeding condition. Taking my clue from the hen, I tossed the infertile egg, left the nest with nesting material in the cage and expect she will re-cycle in a week or so.


Anonymous said...

Had the same experience. No desire to build nest but laid egg. I also have the reverse situation with elaborate nest, but no laying. What do you do in that situation? Remove nest?

Linda Hogan said...


I have one of those too who built a nest and has not laid...I am going to feed her some wheat germ free choice and she already is getting breedmax but she does not seem to want to eat it... she looks good just does not lay...

Rich said...

Hi Linda. I also have one of these hens, she built a beautiful nest two weeks ago, sits in the nest, but lays no eggs. I have seen her and the male mate many times. The hen looks very healthy and seems very happy, just no eggs. I am going to give her some Vitamin E in her water today and se how that affects her. Rich