Sunday, January 2, 2011

Putting On the Dude Look For Spring

Male birds change not only their behavior but also their looks as they prepare for breeding season! This Border male no longer has beautiful show confirmation but instead is sporting a more tubular slender look of an uptown gent who is getting ready for Spring! As I look around my aviary, the chicks are still shapely but the guys are busy getting the new dude look.

Here he pauses to look over the shapely young chicks who are gathered in the corner of the adjacent cage just to look him over. Maybe just maybe, they might be a part of his future.

Would you girls like to hear me sing?

Hearing the breeding song is a major factor for bringing the hens into condition!

Other suitors are looking more sleek and take notice of the girls too. Could a fight be brewing?

Count me in!! It is fighting other cocks not the presence of hens, that is an important conditioning for males.

Critical Concept: Now is a good time to house cocks together for breeding conditioning.

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