Friday, January 21, 2011

Big Birds Asks The Audience, Can You Help Us?

Hello Linda,
Can I share an observation with you and ask if you have seen this yourself please?

On a number of occasions now, I have seen several of my border [and fife] hens sit
listlessly with a very small piece of splintered sawdust [ie; Like the end 5mm of a
toothpick] at the very back of their beak. None of these birds are anywhere near
breeding condition so it is nothing to do with the ritual 'carrying' of nest material
I hope to see over the next eight weeks or so.

I wonder if they have a crop problem [crop-mites maybe?] which, by having this
piece keep their beak open helps to alleviate?

I would be very interested to hear from you.

Many thanks & Kind Regards,
Graham Holdsworth

Has anyone out there seen this?

I have not had any experience using sawdust floor covering. I checked in my vet books and there was a warning against using it as there was a danger or ingesting or inhaling sawdust resulting in impacted crops and or respiratory problems.

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