Friday, January 7, 2011

Canary Cribbage

These young Border males are enjoying a game of Canary Cribbage!

First they jump on the Canary Ferris Wheel top perch and immediately spin a half turn to the bottom and hop off to enjoy a bite or two of cabbage!

These two young Borders have decided to skip the Cribbage and just enjoy some Cabbage!

Hours can totally get away from me when I watch my birds and their antics.

What's your favorite antics?


lisashep said...

Linda, I was at the feed store yesterday and thought I was buying blue minerals and oyster shell but instead they loaded into my car a bag of poultry oyster shell and core calcium. It is big bits of stuff so I will have to blend it down to appropiate size for canaries. Is this Okay to feed? If not, I will order some ABBA blue mineral or get some Higgins blue stuff. I'll just give this to Debbie and let her feed it to her chickens. Thanks so much for your blog! I love it.

Linda Hogan said...


I feed poultry shell. Mine is the Coastal brand and says pullet size. I mix it with ABBA blue mineral or similar and sterilized egg shells.

The pullet size is of varying sizes from small to pea size. Birds eat it readily. I had a recent blog post showing a picture of the mix.

Linda Hogan said...

If you put oyster shell in the blog search box above, you will get several blog posts on the subject. The one I had in mine was the Dec 6th one showing a picture of the mix I mentioned.

Evon in CHILLY WI said...

QUOTE: "Hours can totally get away from me when I watch my birds and their antics."

This is a proper "excuse" for not getting household chores completed?

My favorite antic; males feeding and caring for the hens after mating. These cock birds are keepers for feeding their off-spring as well.
Caring fathers give hens well needy breaks between clutches.

What are some "favorite" antics
from other birders?