Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oakland Roller Show

Oakland International Roller Canary Club was established in 1923!

Competition rollers are housed in show cabinets waiting their turn to sing.

Show manager, Sergio Martin prepares teams to go into the judging room.

One stack of four rollers perform while Justin Agrella on my left and Steve Billmire on my right and myself independently assessed each rollers song, assigning points to the best rendition of the tours sung.

Justin and Steve were apprenticing with me as part of the requirements, scoring and obtaining a letter of recommendation from three different accredited roller judges, on their quest to become roller judges.

Justin's wife, Debbie thoughtfully brought us lunch!

Justin's son John is learning roller song from his daddy's knee just as he did from his father, the late Dan Agrella, noted roller judge and breeder!!

The lunch break was really appreciated. Thanks Debbie!

Robert Wild and wife Char from Chicago, stopped by the show just in time to hear the winning team. Robert judged type the same weekend at the Santa Clara Bird Show.

Steve and Justin entered the scores into the computer. Justin took the information home and worked on it Friday night. How fantastic it was to have copies of the report for everyone Saturday and also provided copies to the Song Clinic visitors!! Having a copy of the show report on Saturday is a special Oakland touch that is appreciated by exhibitors and visitors!!

Sergio takes a well deserved break after managing and stewarding the show!! Great job Sergio!!

Working together, you guys put on a top quality show!!!

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