Thursday, December 24, 2009

More Tips from Steve's Aviary

Clothes pins perches?

These wooden trays are built on the frame and are easy to fill and provide considerable eating space.

In some cages, he used abalone shell as feeding dishes.

Hen flight with abalone seed dish.

Steve puts some newspaper on the floor under the water dish to catch any spills. This helps the spills to dry and he also picks them up frequently.

His favorite egg food is ABBA green 92. He mixes a warm hard boiled egg with shell with dry ABBA green. No additional moisture is needed. It has a great consistency, light and fluffy.

For a special treat this time of year, he adds some bee pollen to the mix.

This is a neat carrying cage that is used to transport birds.

It is divided in half and has a door like this at each end.

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