Monday, December 8, 2014

David Bopp German Roller Aviary

Sunday morning breakfast with David (far right) and Judy and Fred Proebstal who judged the NCBS Roller Division. For many years, at least ten or more years, my roller buddy the late Janis Klein and I flew with our German Rollers to Ohio on Thanksgiving Day so we would be ready for the Lou Abbott German Roller Show that weekend. Together with the other exhibitors, we enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings with David and Judy year after year! So many wonderful people just like David and Judy are lifelong friends who generously share their knowledge and birds with each other!
This special German Roller was raised by our good friend the late Richard May and sings beautifully in their kitchen.
Breeding Cages
Several Roomy Flights House Hens

Hen after hen was really plump or should I say traditionally built?
A couple of walls had show cages with a curtain that could be dropped down where he starts training of the males. David teams were very nice. He won Master Breeder Class, and Tour Specials for team with the best Bass, another team won best Glucke and still another team won best Flute.

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