Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Miracle Border Baby Leaves Home

Miracle Baby has made it to the weaning cage and he is now special not just because of his "Miracle" birth where I took him out of dented smashed shell but also because he has turned out to be a real looker!!

He has a feisty personality and with cage doors open to get these baby pictures, he flew out and checked out the aviary twice!


Anonymous said...

Howzit Gorgeous,

It is nice to chat to you when I can, at the moment it seems everything is just soccer mad over here! I am excited about it, but it has taken over the whole country and no one can say anything without getting frantic about being proudly SA or blowing those vuvuzelas! Where you look its flags and I even have a pair of socks for my side mirrors on the car! Oh well...

Show season has been treating me well so far, last week I could hardly believe the results. For the first year that I bred rollers last year, I actually won the best roller and best duet! And I only entered three birds, father and two sons... Funny the bird I thought least of was the winner with 54 points... After recovering from this shock I learned that I won best Colour Canary aswell, and when I went to see how the Fifes had done, I found that they cleaned house - literally, best, second and third Breeders rung, best second and third in show, best CLY, CLB, LVB, HVY!!! My spirits were soaring!

About the miracle border baby, I think SHE is lovely, like that colour the variegation is intense and the yellow nice and soft! I see HER as a buff, but she is a beaut! Well done on saving her. And yes, I'd take a wild bet she is a girl child!

Chat soon,

Anonymous said...

Your babies are so cute, been reading today...is'nt there always a small space in the shell, my chicks don't totally fill the shell ? Just wondering ? I have a cool led flashlight, skinny enough to stick thru cage bars and candle eggs, don't have to touch the nest or anything to check my eggs, it rocks
Thanx Linda


Linda Hogan said...

There is an air space on the large end. The chick must pip through the membrane first to breathe air before it starts the hatching process.