Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Failure to Breed

Late Nest of Staffords. Staffords, as a breed, are the easiest canary I have ever raised!!

Second round German Roller hen and her chicks.

E-Mail: Failure to Come Into Breeding Condition

"I have been breeding canaries for a few years already and I have been puzzled when some birds fail to come into breeding condition even though all others seem OK. I have a pair of 2009 yellow dimorphic which I bought at a show. This pair is very promising but yet they did not come into breeding condition. The pair was housed in a flight with the rest of my birds and had the same food as the others. What went wrong?"

A Combination of Sex Hormones, Good Health and Physical Fitness Bring Birds Into Breeding Condition.

Even though we provide all the ingredients for a successful breeding, some birds still fail to come into breeding condition. Since the majority of your birds did fine, I imagine the basics such as environmental conditions and nutrition were good. Yet the hardship of breeding was too big a task for your yellow dimorphics to undertake.

The major reasons for failure given these facts is the weight of the birds. Cocks which are too thin will not come into breeding condition. This is a major reason when the cocks are recently imported or perhaps in this case, show birds.

Birds lose lots of weight at bird shows. Some birds win trophies but other just lose weight! As a last resort when I am trying to slim down a prized bird, I will show it even though it is chubby. For only a dollar or two, they can win the biggest loser! This week it is hardly given a look and maybe called "Dolly Parton" but in a couple more shows, watch out!

Likewise the cocks that are too fat will come into breeding condition but their fat belly impedes contact. Hens also fail to come into breeding condition when they are too thin or too fat.

Other things to consider are genetic weakness due to inbreeding and carrying disease.

Critical Concept: Experience Is What You Get .........when you don't get what you want!

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