Monday, February 8, 2010

Stafford Hens Patiently Waiting For Spring

Could the Ground Hog be right, only six more weeks of winter? Only six more weeks is certainly hard for me to believe when we are still getting a snow day every week!!

Predicting when the winter weather will break is especially important to me because I start seriously conditioning my birds six weeks before the end of winter. My usual guess, on an average year, is that winter here will break around March 8th.

Based on all the snow days this year, I have deliberately delayed serious conditioning a little but finally it just seems right to start my cocks on the ABBA water soluble vitamin E on Wednesday! Checking the calendar, if I start the cocks on Wednesday, six weeks would be March 17th!!

Being a wee bit Irish, it certainly feels right to me!!


Unknown said...

My good friend Cliff Williams alway started on St.Patrick Day..

Anonymous said...

I always love to see the photos of your birds and around your home.
I'm thinking of getting a camera like yours.