Thursday, February 2, 2012

Houdini Saga Continues

Houdini out foxed Big Bird today! For several days now, she has been trying to teach Houdini that when she opens the cage door, it is to put delicious food in for him.

At first, she just slid it in with the tray without opening the door, today he seemed to finally get it so she tried opening the door, walking away with his door open and returning with a dish of quinoa/broccoli/poppy seed.

He was perfect just watched her and once the food was in his cage, he promptly went down and started eating it! Wow Big Bird proudly thought, maybe she could have another career training circus animals!

So Big Bird gets the camera and opens the door again to take a picture of Houdini setting in his cage with the door opened. And to her surprise, out he flew with poppy seeds sticking on his beak!

What Big Bird doesn't get is that a guy has to see his gal regularly and court her or lose out.

Bird Bird has a soft spot for a sweet song, even on the perch outside the cage!

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Anonymous said...

I have a Georgedini thats a fine male I got from my friend George from FL.maybe they are related...