Sunday, March 6, 2011

Questions and Tips for Big Bird!

Please post your questions and tips for Big Bird here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

Where can I purchase Roller Training Cages and Cabinets?
Your help and attention to this request will be greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Hello Linda,
I have a question about the lights.
When turning up the lights suddenly to 14.5 hours, do you do tthis for cocks and hens, or only for the cocks?
Thanks you,

Anonymous said...

I have a young first year hen incubating 5 eggs. The male is in the cage with her, but doesn't feed or harass her. They are very compatible. She is getting off the nest very infrequently to eat, drink and even to take a bath, but incubates most of the time. I have raised canaries for 45 years, but have never seen a bird sit so tightly as this one. I am concerned about her general health