Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The cat's away. ....

Hello peeps!  :)

So, the "cat's" away, or at least that is what mom called it when I was young. "The cat is away so the mice will play!"  My 6 kids have heard it so often from me that I am quite sure my future grandkids will know it well.  :)

Yes,  the cat is away, and I am spending my days filing mom's shoes with her beloved birdies.  I have to admit I enjoy them very much, I always have.   If I didn't have 3 cats in my home I would definately have at least two canaries! I do have 13 chickens,    (shhhhhh!) We are only allowed 12 but when I purchased 3 chicks last spring my oldest Hen,  Buffy, was looking like her last day was coming.  I can't have 11, lol, must have the limit, right?  ;)

So the little party this morning is with my sister, Kellie, who made delicious Cranberry Pistachio Muffins!  They were a perfect treat on this crisp Fall morning.

The light is now on, back to the birdroom!  :) Sandy


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy,
Nice to have you on the site.. im sure you have your hands full looking after all those feathers!

Anonymous said...

would love to meet you girls with Linda sometime at the National. It is great to see you filling in for her not only with her Borders, but her blog.
I too have chickens ! Love my Buff Orphingtons and Light Brahmas, but bantams are so much fun too.

I know Linda is having a blast.


Debbie S. said...

Sandy, I am just a lurker.. have no contacts in the bird world... but have enjoyed reading your mom's blog... AND I smiled when I saw your post last month! Just such a neat idea: to check in on the blog while checking in on the canaries! Thanks for taking the time.. I am late in saying it, but it was a great thing to do!