Friday, October 25, 2013

Show and Tell Bird Show San Diego California

What a fantastic show! It is a very friendly club that is focused on education and sharing.

David Benites, President, show manager and club founder, is pictured in the tall hat.

David Shared the following tips with me:

1. To increase feather luster feed thistle (nyger).

2. When preparing birds for show be sure and change all perches and grills so that the bird will not soil itself after bathing.

3. Ten days before the show let all birds bath in treated bath water. Treated Bath Water: To 1/2 gallon of water add 1 cap of Listerine or generic and 1 teaspoon  witch hazel. Every 20 minutes change the bowl water four times.

4. His wife Edith shared that when cooking quinoa (keen-wah), to six cups of quinoa add 7 cups of water instead of the 2 times water as quinoa that I had been using. Her quinoa texture is excellent. She called it the plus one rule.

Type Canary Winners

 Best Fife and Best Novice Exhibited by Johan Otter

 Best Gloster Corona Exhibited by Salvador Servin

 Best Gloster Consort Exhibited byDavid and Edith Benites.

 Best Columbus Fancy Crested Exhibited by Ray Mena

Best Columbus Fancy Smoothhead Exhibited by Ray Mena

Best Stafford Exhibited byNino Hernnandez

 Best Norwich Exhibited by Ray Mena

 Best Border Exhibited by Mike Mojhedi

 Best Lizard Exhibited by Donna Minor

Best Parisian Frill Exhibited by Mike Mojhedi

 Best Japanese Hoso Exhibited by Mario Garcia

 Best Type Canary in Show Parisian Frill Exhibited by Mike Mojhedi

Best Canary in Show and Winner of Traveling Trophy Parisian Frill Exhibited by Mike Mojedi

 Club member artist Carol Whelan created this Linda Doll which she presented to me at the banquet.

 Thanks everyone for the record breaking 176 birds and all of your fine hospitality.

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