Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bringing On Song - Freedom

The Lone Star Canary Show also had American Singer competition. Before starting judging, I visited the American Singers and visited with some of their exhibitors.

These especially lovely American Singers belong to Brenda Varhola. She explained that when American Singers are judged the first ten minutes in the judging room is evaluation of freedom or how freely they sing while the last ten minutes looks at their actual song. Winning birds must sing well all twenty minutes for the judge. Exhibitors are disappointed when their birds fail to start singing quickly.

Last year, I evaluated a Biodecken product called Jingle. The product is a mineral vitamin supplement that potentates secondary sexual characteristics in songbird males. This time of year, it is used three times a week in the water and is invaluable to the songbird exhibitor because it increases the frequency of singing without destroying the song quality associated with coming into breeding condition. When I cage up my German Rollers about three weeks before the competition, I begin giving Jingle.

Ingredients: Vitamin A Palmitate, Alpha Tocopherol acetate, Cholecalciferol, Sucrose,  Glycerin,  and Sodium Selenite To order contact Ricardo Sanchez  214 998-7474

Jingle is also used later for male conditioning for breeding but should not be given to females. I plan to evaluate how well it conditions males for breeding this season.

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