Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kale To The Rescue

 This year we changed the garden to three elevated counter-height beds. And instead of planting 10 to 12 broccoli plants, I only planted four.

With bugs and Big Bird using the leaves, the plants are completely stripped! A real crises as my birds are still eating the green egg less nestling food made with broccoli leaves.

This morning at the Farmer's Market, I bought Kale. Unfortunately, after being at the outdoor stand, it was not as crisp as I would like so I emerged it in ice water to crispen it up a bit.

The crisp Kale was then processed in the food processor. Birds do not like to eat limp leaves and at times when I am in a rush and do not have time to do the ice water trick, I put the limp leaves in the food processor and like magic, they eat it!

 My Green soft food now is cous cous with olive oil and poppy seeds (covered with warm tap water to soften), cooked quinoa, processed kale, thawed frozen peas and corn, sprilina, and probiotics.

 Young Border male was quick to find the pieces of Kale!

A young German Roller male picked out a pea and was pacing the cage trying to keep it away from his brothers. With a chest like that, I can't wait to hear him sing his full song! 


Evon in WI said...

I've been using kale for the past years. Our recipes are similar however not sure about the poppy. Can you tell us the advantages of using poppy in the mix? Be careful with the greens prior to shows. Green beaks are a no/no on the show bench. Looking forward to visiting with you at the NIROC show

Linda Hogan said...

Birds love poppy seed and Big Bird loves to spoil them. good point regarding greens soiling beaks and feathers. I will be stopping greens on show birds around October 1st as some will be going to the National Cage Bird Show in Mid November.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda
You do not have to stop the greens more than 5 days before the show.The greens are good as they keep the show birds in trim(lean-prevent fat build-up) .It diffently loosens the feather.
Stop baths at the same time you stop the greens .The birds need to spread the oils from their preening gland over the feathers.

Linda Hogan said...

Thanks Donald!