Sunday, December 23, 2012

Northwest Roller Canary Club Annual Song Contest

Best Team in Show with its fantastic tone was exhibited by Almin Omic. Beautiful tone comes from great hollow roll and is characterized by the sounds depth, clarity and hollowness.

Wow! What gorgeous ribbons!
Almin needed a box to hold all his winning ribbons. In addition to Best Team in Show his other major wins include Sweepstakes, Best Young Team, Highest Scoring Team in the basic four tours, and Tour specials for Hollow Roll, Bass, Hollow Bell, and Flute. Congratulations Almin on raising fantastic quality birds!!
Almin is the club Vice President and Treasurer.

Club President, Paul Scandlyn looks over his ribbons.
Paul Grech, Show Manager and his wife Leoni Benzang, Show Hostess won a number of awards including First Runner Up Young Bird (just a dot less than Almin's Best Young Bird), Tour Specials for Glucke, Water Roll, Bell Roll and Bell Tour and various class wins.
The club surprised me with a judges appreciation ribbon!
New member Heinz Best originally from Germany is getting back into raising and showing rollers.

Pictured with Club Secretary, James Hayes he has purchased some stock from Almin.
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