Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Deck The Halls With Biodecken

Thanks to Ricardo Sanchez, ricardo@ricardosanchez.cc biodecken@sanaragroup.com Tel 214 998-7474, Fax 888 371-2420, Biodecken bird products are now available in the US! He is working on a web site so for now use any of the contact methods listed.

Prior to breeding season, I gave my birds a nutritional tonic cocktail. The cocktail is made my adding the recommended dose of both the Biodecken multiple vitamin and the Biodecken immune support together to the birds water for two consecutive days a week.

Fertility supplement improves fertility as it helps to improve formation of sperm and eggs. It contains antioxidants such as vitamin E and organic selenium to help preserve good reproductive cells, amino acids that help improve the reproductive parameters and prevents health problems such as white muscle (muscle paralysis) caused by deficiency of vitamin E and selenium in birds.

I am getting ready to test this product this breeding season especially on Borders.
Jingle supplement is made from 17 alpha-methyl-testosterone (male hormone) and potentiates secondary sexual characteristics in male songbirds. I tried jungle on my roller males this year. Low "t" holds back song frequency and song development. Jingle corrected both of these problems and most importantly without making their song harsh or breeding season like. I will definitely continue using jingle on my competitive song birds.

Jingle also contains vitamins A, E, D3, mineral and organic selenium to help improve male reproductive performance. DO NOT GIVE TO FEMALE BIRDS.
Novafood has a special balance blend for canaries with and without coloring agents. I have been feeding the one without color dry to my birds. They seem to like it and each group eats a small chinese sauce dish full each day. Some breeders feed novafood instead of egg food when the hens have babies. I am going to keep it available free choice to hens with babies but will likely supplement with egg containing nestling food. I may use some in my egg containing nestling food too.
Novafood for canaries

Happy Holidays From The Hogan Flock


Unknown said...

Is Mr. Sanchez still available to contact and purchase biodecken products?

Linda Hogan said...

I saw him at the national in November and he is still selling it and I am getting ready to order some myself..