Friday, January 20, 2012

Performance Enhancers

Sometimes, the show season seems to come to soon, much before our birds are in peak condition. Whether it is the feathers are not tight or the confirmation such as rounded heads or raised back just isn't there or perhaps they lack stamina after a long day on the show bench or perhaps birds that will not sing in their show cages, all of these problems can be rectified by using vitamin enriched products.

I had this Orlux fertility product on hand and was surprised to read on the product label it that it was for singing & fertility. I started using it daily and the song developed quickly and quickly they no longer sang "baby song." I bought this product from Bird Supply of New Hampshire.

While judging type canaries at the Vancouver Canary Club in Burnaby, BC, Canada, on November 13th, Chirpy Chum Brian Johansen, not only shared with me that some of the top exhibitors in England use Boost to gain a competitive edge but also he gave me a bottle to try.

As soon as I got home, I had about a week to give it to my rollers before the National Cage Bird Show and Borders who needed confirmation and others who had loose feathers especially in the flanks. I was very impressed with the results which corrected all of the above problems and all birds had improved well being.

At the show the rollers who before treatment were not singing to frequently, got remarks on their judging sheet about their great training and performance!

I am going to be ordering boost from England as I do not know of a US source.

Biodecken also has a product to improve singing called "Jingle". Which I did not have the opportunity to try but another breeder did try it and got excellent results too. Hopefully their product line will be available soon from Ricardo Sanchez. As soon as available, I will post it on the blog.


Anonymous said...


I have used boost a long time and I find it good, but do NOT use it double strength.

Anonymous said...

Would love to know when this product available in the U.S. Sent you an email a few days ago. I so enjoy your book.
Randy Webb
Branson MO

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda
This product has been extensivly punted by Phil.I know it is all that he gives his birds in the off season.He preferes to under dose vitamines-give this at half strength

Brian Byrne said...

Do you know the makers of this product Linda?

Donna N. said...

I bought some ferti-vit on amazon. I have a question? How many scoops do u put in a qt. of water? I followed the directions but it seemed to be to much to me. It called for 4 scoops in a qt. of water.
Thank u,
Donna N. in Va.

Anonymous said...

Just ordered my 250 boost from this company in the UK