Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Big Bird's Test Kitchen

Today, I tested three products: chia seed, mixed grass seed, and Egg - N- Herbs. As usual, my Borders are my guinea pigs!!

Chia seed has been all the rage on Dr.Oz so I thought I would see if my birds like it. My friend Margaret shared that she use to have a chia pet and would trim the green growing fur and feed it to her birds. We also checked sprouting but decided it would be simpler to just try it straight.

Quickly, the Borders started eating it and these three Borders ate the whole dish of chia seeds by the nest morning.

Next I added a separate dish of a new product called Egg - N- Herbs. Mixed and sold by Connie Gahman of wings and things 215 536-1599. To Proteen egg food manufactured by Higgins she selectively added the following herbs: alfalfa leaf, chamomile flower, oat straw, wild lettuce, blessed thistle, dandelion leaf, kelp, chickweed and also spirulina, egg shell, and orange peel.

The Higgins proteen egg food contains a number of items such as whole wheat flour, soya flour, corn meal, dried eggs, wheat germ, honey, almond meal, sesame seed meal, few seeds such as niger, hemp, poppy, German millet, oat groats and numerous nutrients such as sodium selenite, vitamins, and some amino acids plus lactobacillus acidophilius probiotic.

Borders liked this product also and gave it a three toes up rating!

Lastly, I tried an untreated mixed grass seed. This was also purchased from Connie Gahman and turned out to be the overall Border favorite. This year, my birds have wasted so much seed it was refreshing to see them eat every one! It is particularly easy to crack and I plan to add this to my weaning regiment with niger (thistle), which is also easy to crack, as the first seeds I introduce to my young chicks.

With so many extra dishes per cage, I thought why not make a health boost by mixing all three.

As expected they like the combo but the grass seeds are still number one on their list!

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