Monday, June 20, 2011

Identify These Late Chicks

Chick number 1 is a colorbred. What kind is it?

Chick number 2 is a Stafford. What is it?

Chick number 3 is a Stafford. What is it?

Chicks number 4 and 5 are German Roller canaries that are very special as they are Mario's last two chicks with a hen from Almin!!

Lucca loves to play in the hose and tub in our back yard!

A quiet moment chewing!


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

Your dog is really cute!

Now with the moult about to start maybe you could advise me on the following.

(1) Some of my adult hen Borders failed to produce this year (clear eggs) the cocks they were paired with produced with other hens. These hens I suspect have an unknown bacteria infection, their dropping are inclined to "scour" the back or side of the cage on occasion and the sawdust in the area where droppings are deposited is very wet.
I think I should place all these birds on a course of antibiotics, what do you recommend and what do you think the problem is?

(2) I read your informative comments about high protein making it difficult for canaries to maintain or gain weight. What foods and seeds can I feed to increae carbs.

(3) What "tomic" or vitamin do you recommend I add to the birds water during moulting time.

Sorry for asking so many questions!

Ralph said...

Hi Linda, Chick #2 & #3 look to be Stafford Crested...I'm stumped on chick #1 ... hard to say, but won't venture a guess, at this time!

Happy Fouth of July Linda and the Hogan Family