Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Canary Bands Blue or Silver?

If you have not done so, it is definitely time to order your canary leg bands. The best source for canary leg bands is the appropriate speciality club. Every canary variety has a speciality club that sells bands to its members. In some cases, there are three or more clubs for a variety. In addition to speciality clubs, some local bird clubs also sell bands.

Speciality and local clubs maintain records of the band purchaser so that bands are traceable to the breeder. Many show awards and breeder advancements depend on band numbers being traced to the exhibitor.

In some countries, the bands carry an assigned breeder number and club association number in addition to the changing year and bird number. This is convenient when you purchase birds, as you can quickly identify a breeders birds from the breeder number and their club association number regardless of the year they were bred.

When I went to the DKB Deutsche Meisterschaft show in 2008 in Bad Salzuflen, Germany, I was introduced to one of the top breeders, Herbert Schmittwilken. I do not speak German and he does not speak English. So as we shook hands, I attempted to communicate my pleasure in meeting him by smiling and saying " 0303". At first he look puzzled, till the interpreter explained to him that I was especially happy to meet breeder number 0303! This brought a big smile to his face.

The band color for most varieties change each year. The 2010 band color is blue and is appropriate for all varieties except rollers. Roller bands, unlike the other varieties, remain silver each year. In every roller show section, except purchased birds, the competing birds must be bred, banded with a traceable roller club band and trained by the exhibitor.

Other song birds and varieties may have special band requirements so be sure and check with the appropriate clubs now so that your chicks will be banded correctly and ready to show!


Unknown said...

These bands are fantastic!!The American Singers Club purchased 12.000 of them I have sent out 8.000 so far the quality is a 110 percent better than our U.S bands..by the way where do you purchase your plastic perches from??

Linda Hogan said...

I always got most of my plastic perches from Joe Henry, Aviary and Animal Pet Supply 903 785-2636 but he is retiring after so many years. However, he first said 12/3/09 and then when I talk to him last he indicated he might work a little longer... I do not think he is going to stock much but I tried to convince him to stock those plastic perches..Not getting a favorable answer, he finally told me when you run out, call PLANIT 626 282-4484 and see who stocks perches in your area.. I still plan on calling Joe first but probably will have to pursue another source eventually. The plastic perches stay cleaner but after about a year or so they break where they attach to the wire.

I also use a plastic perch that I buy from Ernie Cobb 7601 Ogden Rd S.E. Calgary, Alberta Canada T2C 1C2 403 279-0393. I have bought his perches at shows in Canada and on occasion he has sold them at the National Cage Bird Show. He makes especially nice hand tied show cages and advertises superior bird room products.

Janet said...

jhemesath said...
Linda, I havae increased the lights to 12 hrs this week and have started my cocks on Vit. E.
The cocks are singing strong and the hens are tearing paper but this morning I noticed several down feathers when I was cleaning - have also noticed the hens carrying them. Since I only had one pair last year I am still pretty green - is this behavior natural?

Also am wondering if it is allright to continue to feed soaked seed. They love it and I enjoy doing it for them. It has been wonderful to have your information so close this year. Janet Hemesath - met you in Prescott, WI this fall.

January 5, 2010 9:19 AM

Linda Hogan said...


The small breast feathers you are finding when cleaning likely are from the hens as their breast become bare preparing to breed and incubate their eggs.

It is fine to feed soaked seeds and birds really do enjoy it. It makes me happy too when I make something for the birds that they like!

Unknown said...

Enjoy your blog very much. How do I order a copy of your book? I am interested in any information regarding breeding one cock to two or more hens. Any tips or info would be appreciated.