Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Anticipation Of Miracle Births - Artificial Insemination

Several months ago I posted a blog about a favorite Border Male who was accidentally trapped in the bottom wire cage grates. I nearly cried as I had plans to breed him to several hens come breeding season. But look at his left foot, permanently damaged even though his wing seemed to recover pretty well. He will never be able to mate a hen again!!!

What a perfect use for Artificial Insemination! 

This hen surprised me and built a nest and laid an egg the next day. Usually I would toss the egg and not bother to put a male with her as pairing so late is normally a waste of time as all you will likely get is infertile eggs unless she lays five or six eggs. Having already messed it up, I decided to try artificial insemination with my handicapped male.

I was doubtful I should even try this as after she is laying is a very late start. Fertility is best five days before the first egg in the clutch is laid. With those thoughts that I should just give this round up,  I implanted her only twice, once the day she laid the first infertile egg and the next day,  each time around 8 am in the morning.

Today, exactly one week later and all three of the eggs laid after Artificial Insemination are Fertile!!!! So I can hardly wait for chicks! Of Course, I have heard Don't Count Your Chicks Before They Hatch!

 Also waiting for this long tresses Phrag to bloom in the aviary too! It has four stacks with buds!

A Big Thank You to Andrea Cabibi for bringing Artificial Insemination to Canary and Finch Breeders all over the World!

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Andrea C. said...

Linda, that is fantastic news!! I know you were hoping so much to get babies from that male. I find this story very heart-warming as I've always envisioned that artificial insemination would be the solution to capturing the genetics of individuals that are no longer able to breed in a natural way. Congratulations and I hope you get healthy chicks from the coupling!