Monday, August 3, 2015

Puzzler - Who's Who

Remember these two late hatch Stafford chicks, well I also found a couple of German Roller chicks but there mother had decided to molt rather than feed. I know from experience that if you can get the hen to feed her chicks it will totally stop the molt but try as I may to get her to feed, she decided to molt instead!

The only viable place for the roller chicks is to move them in with the Stafford chicks. So I removed the red colored egg food and replaced it with regular and watched from a distance.

Momma Stafford didn't miss a beat and started feeding her chicks and the two roller chicks immediately.

Often when I transfer chicks to a foster home, I trim the baby fuzz so I can tell who's who but this time it wasn't necessary. WHY? Only right answers will be printed! So lets see who can get this right first!

We have a winner, see comments!

Updated photos almost ready to band.


Unknown said...

The staffords are corona, which you can tell from the fuzz free top of the head.

Unknown said...

stafford chicks appear bald?

Linda Hogan said...

Way to go Adam!! Luckily, both of these Stafford chicks are crested as indicated by their bald, fuzz free heads!

I want to band them correctly for show. Rollers in the US wear silver bands which the other kinds are color coded year bands. Had I not been so lucky, I could band them with Stafford band on one leg and Roller band on the other and cut off the wrong one!

Linda Hogan said...

Stafford chicks are either crested or non-crested. Even in newborns you can tell crested chicks because there is no baby fuzz on the top of the head. Crested ones appear "bald" until the feathers come in as crested.

Unknown said...

Hehee tnx linda. Hope you and everyone on here had a good season.
Mine was terrible, i dont know what went wrong but most of my birds died, they would get bloated and then die. the remaining got bumblefoot...(cages r cleaned weekly, water changed daily, perches cleaned every two days) Did all treatments i know like probiotics, coxidiosis, baytril... For the bloating nothing worked.
Betadin did reduce the bumblefoot.
Frustrating season.