Saturday, August 23, 2014

Unbelievable Overgrown Beak

 Sorry for the delay in posts, I worked the last six of seven days! I can't hardly believe that I saw this overgrown beak for the first time this morning!

 View from the other side shows lower beak is also overgrown.

With fingernail clippers I trimmed both the upper and lower beak.

Beaks normally constantly grow similar to a hoof with sheets of protein overlying a substantial vascular supply and bone. Beak defects my occur secondary to nutritional deficiencies, high-protein diet, congenital abnormalities and bacterial or fungal infection secondary to trauma. 

The texture of the top of the beak looks wrinkled and abnormal so I am going to put some Biodecken fungicide liquid and salve on it.

 Even with my busy schedule, I am enjoying the hummingbirds in my back yard. This is a $1 hummingbird feeder from Lowe's that they prefer over the $15 Audubon recommended round ones.

Can you relate to this? Like a hummingbird I am off and running headed to Kansas City for my nephew Lucas's wedding this afternoon!

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