Thursday, July 10, 2014

Molting Time Munchies

Young Borders
This quick and easy dish is a bird favorite molting time munchies.  To prepare take cous cous add olive oil and poppy seed and add hot water to cover and leave a generous water layer on top. Stir occasionally to break it up till it is all separates. (If you don't stir, it all sticks together but once you stir you can fix it!) (I make up six cups cous cous in a batch and use 1/2 cup olive oil and 3/4 cup poppy seed) Add your favorite dry nestling food such as Novafood, CeDe or this is Bird Supply of New Hampshire Belgian Nestling food (contains perilla seed and soy protein).

 Outer cabbage leaves or broccoli florets or kale leaves are also popular. Greens are especially loved by my Borders and bring beautiful yellow coloring to their feathers.

Lucca says those are fine for the canaries but he would rather have popcorn to munch on while we intently watches the World Cup!


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