Saturday, February 8, 2014

Nasal Sinuses Infection - Feather Loss Around Eye

Note  the extensive swelling of the sinuses, eyelid and total swelling covering the nare nose hole on the right side.
In canaries, the right and left nasal sinuses do not communicate so infection may be in either side or both. This bird has both. A number of organisms such as bacteria, viruses, and chlamydia may cause the problem.

The most common cause in canaries is Mycoplasma which is difficult to treat.  I decided to treat with Mycoban, a vitamin and antibiotic product intended for use in pigeons and cagebirds which I purchased from Foy's Pigeon Supply but I understand it is widely available around the world. Treatment in the water and recommended for 3 to 5 days.

After 4 days the birds are improved as swelling is down, nose holes are visible but knowing how difficult Mycoplasma is I am continuing treatment till redness disappears. I will also be watching them carefully for reoccurrence which is common in about a week after other antibiotic treatments. The bird is much more active and holding its feathers tight so it is definitely better but I do not think it is cured at this point.

Update 24 hours later

Another Update 24 hours later

And yet another 24 hours later

Left eye is looking good but right eye has a ways to go yet.

 48 hours later

Right eye better but not great yet.

Another 48 hours later

 Right better but hint of red in the red nare.

Left looking pretty good.

Right is Almost well now March 26th, Left looks fantastic the bird is also coming into breeding condition but I will not be breeding her as this will be stressful and could bring on a back set.

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