Thursday, December 12, 2013

Great News! Successful Prevention of Recurrent Feather Lumps

 This lovely Stafford Mosaic presented with Feather Lumps on both wings following the molt. These were completely removed and he was given Biodecken Molt daily in the water for a couple of months. Seeing no lump recurrence, he has now been off the product a couple of months with no recurrence.

Both genetics and diet play a role in a bird developing feather lumps.  Genes control the feather texture and it can be so soft that the feather cannot break through the skin. When a lump is completely removed (see previous feather lump posts),  feeding Biodecken Molt daily in the water can prevent lump recurrence.

This Spring, I am going to feed Biodecken Molt daily in the water to young birds from weaning until completion of the first molt to prevent lumps from appearing.

Biodecken Products are sold in the US by Ricardo Sanchez, or call him at 214 998-7474.

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