Monday, November 5, 2012

Finch Winners Columbia Canary Club

Wow!! Gorgeous Red Billed Fire Finch Best in Division Exhibited by Nina Rapp

Black Headed Red Siskin Second Place in Division Exhibited by Paula Hansen
(Federal License Required)

Brazilian Cardinals Third Place in Division Exhibited by Paula Hensen

Finch & Softbills Judge Robert Peers


Nina Rapp said...

Thanks, Linda for posting the picture of my little finch. As before, it was a pleasure to visit with you during the banquet after the show.

Linda Hogan said...

What a beautiful bird!

At the banquet, Nina shared that the bred is truly special. After taking on breeding them, she learned that they are native to Zimbabwe where her husband's grandparents were missionaries for many years! It was obvious that these finches meant so much to her husband Chuck as with emotion he describe how it must of been for his grandparents to see flocks of these beautiful birds. It is a link for him with his grandparents. Thanks so much for sharing your love for the bred and your personal story with us!