Saturday, October 13, 2012

Big Bird's Test Kitchen - New Purina Products

Big Bird loves to test new products and so more experiments continue in my aviary. My latest test products are made by Purina Mills. Available at PetSmart, Tropical Snack Blend is fortified with many extra nutrients and pro-biotics and sells for $5 per package. (I was amazed at how many different products are available for canaries at PetSmart.)

Have you ever fed your canaries dehydrated fruits? Do you think your birds will eat raisins, pineapple, papaya etc? What would be the advantage of this product?

In addition, I am also evaluating the Purina Mills Garden Recipe Canary & Finch Seed Diet Mix. The ingredients list is about an inch and a half long with many nutrients and pro-biotics.
This product is also sold at PetSmart in 2 lb packages for $10 each.

How about helping me out and test a bag of these product? 

 I especially need some serious show breeders to test the seed mix on a few select birds that might make the show bench but need any of the following: perfect wing carriage, narrow tails, or feathers very tight to the body as we see in finches. 

In addition,  I need Border breeders and other type breeders to test the Tropical Snack on birds that need better confirmation, more distinct head and back rise, better lines and are not fat - Birds that need something more to Gain A Competitive Edge!

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