Thursday, May 24, 2012

Find the Fostered Border Chick

With one Border chick hatching early and getting a big start over its brothers and hopefully sisters who hatched one and two days later, I fostered a newly hatched Border to a nest of two Staffords.

Which one is the Border? Explain how you can tell and what to do if you can't tell. Let me hear from you!!!


Anonymous said...

I think it is the varg. one

Linda Hogan said...

Correct, it is the variegated one.

One clue is that the parents of the Stafford chicks were clear body and the crested cock has a grizzled crest.The border parents are yellow variegated.

What other clues are there and what do you do if you truly do not know which is which?

Anonymous said...

Not only the color of the feathers, but the variegated chick is not at quite the same pin-feather stage of development as the other two. Another factor is the head and body shape. The variegated chick already shows the wide head shape as well as the rounder wider body style of the border. The broadness at the base of the beak is also apparent in one picture.