Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Conditioner and Dry Nestling Food

3 lbs Petamine Breeding Formula
3 lbs Flock Raiser or non-medicated Game Bird Starter
5 lbs Sidekick Treat Seed from Wings call Connie at 215 536 -1599 or write
3 lbs Orlux Golden Pate
3 lbs Orlux Insect Pate
3 lbs Sunflower Chips
2 lbs Exact Hand Feeding Formula
2 lb bag Zupreem Avian Maintenance Pellets or Similar Product
2 lb bag Scenic Hand-feeding powder
3 lbs Harrison's High Potency Mash
3 boxes Millville Wheat Cereal or Similar Product (Cream of Wheat)

My birds are really feeding this dry mix well, in fact several prefer it to my nestling food! I keep it available in all my cages now.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello Linda,
Looks good...but do you know the values of this mixture as to protein level, fats, amino acid?
Good luck!