Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stafford National Show

Stafford Trophies and Stafford of the Year 2010 Don Platz Memorial Plaque, Photo Tom Hixson

Debbie Eaton, apprentice Stafford Judge, and I reviewed each exhibit. This mosaic hen was so beautiful but nervous in the show cage. Photo Robert Wild

Here I am showing Debbie the importance of looking up under the front of the crest to detect hard to see splits. Photo Robert Wild

Placing the winners, Photo Tom Hixson

Crested Standard copied from Stafford catalog

And what a winner, Stafford of the Year 2010!!!!

Best Stafford, Stafford of the Year 2010 and Best Crested, Exhibited by Jan Davie Congratulations Jan!!!

Note the subtle color on the wing butt of this gorgeous mosaic hen.

Second Best Stafford Crested Mosaic Hen Exhibited by Carl Bier

Non-Crested Standard copied from the Stafford catalog.

Third Best Stafford and Best Non-crested, Exhibited by Tom Hixson. Photo by Tom Hixson.

Debbie and I really enjoyed the opportunity to review and place the Staffords! Congratulations to all the winners and exhibitors, the quality was great!

A special congratulations to Debbie Eaton, David Benites, and Henry Vela who are our new Stafford Judges!!

For more information on Staffords visit the web site www.staffords-usa.com

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