Saturday, October 30, 2010

San Diego Show And Tell Bird Show Promotes Novices

Red Isabel exhibited by Jorge Luna Be sure and click on this photo, what a bird!!

Best Colorbred in Show and Best Novice

The San Diego Club has a new program for novices. High quality breeding stock are purchased by David Benites for the club. Novices are encouraged to purchase the breeding pair for half the cost.

In turn they must show the offspring, keep the best offspring for their breeding program and donate the other half of the offspring back to the club for auction!!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Linda,
It was a pleasure having you as our "Educational Judge" and showing you a little bit of San Diego. We hope that all the other clubs throughout the US follow suit on the "Show and Tell" Show, which is geared to education more so than competitive; yet, who does not like to win while learning!
We encourage all avian associations and clubs to engage judges that are friendly and approachable like Linda to make a small show a gigantic success!
See you soon in Dallas!
Best regards,
David Benites
Sand Diego County Canary Club