Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just How Good Does It Get?

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After yesterdays post, I have had a few people ask, "Just How Good Does It Get"? So today, I will share a little more about my life. The top picture is this mornings breakfast, a typical day with a ham and mushroom frittata, served with fresh pineapple/blueberries and of course, PG Tips hot tea with milk. The bottom picture is a simple supper he shared last night with our daughter, I was working at the hospital. I will get the left over sausage and sauerkraut braised in white wine for my supper at work tonight! What a Life? (Click on each picture to enlarge and see just how good it gets!)

I, too, was busy cooking in the kitchen this morning. Having given the vitamin E yesterday, today I needed to feed Border Veggies or some other green food. (On the day I give the vitamin E in the water, I do not feed any greens or extras as I want the birds to get all their liquid from the treated water.) Not wanting to waste, I tried to use all the leftover soybeans which I soaked Tuesday, to make Border Veggies, thinking no problem, it was just about double my normal recipe, right?

Unwisely, I dumped all of the soaked soybeans in the food processor and tried to make fluffy Border Veggies. Well it was anything but fluffy and I ended up dumping it in a large bowl and processing more and more broccoli and cauliflower and mixing it in till it looked edible. I had finally used a couple of large heads of broccoli and a huge head of cauliflower and it filled a very large bowl. To bad, I can't get Pat to make bird food for me! Boy that would be GOOD!! Now that really would be how good it can get!!!

Well I fed the less then perfect batch of Border Veggies and later before I go to work, I will go around and fluff with a fork, if I can find a little time... Does anyone have a Bird Chef or know where I can get one??

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